..modern rhythm focused music, manufactured for movement and your mind..

Fixation Records

A new breed of electronic artists await. Fixation is the home of forward thinking musicians, DJ's, promoters and VJ's raising the bar in sensory experience.

Collaborative Music & Events.

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Record Label from a little town called Adelaide 

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Robert Koster is a mixed media artist with a focus on music technology. He has contributed to brands and projects such as Chameleon Recordings, Heartheart Records, Superordinate Music, Different is Different Records, Discovery Records, Fixation, Psy-ence Fiction, Eclipse Entertainment, Adelaide Techno Convention, Futuresounds, Monotreme ADL, VLAD, Earthcore, Decks & The City, Rising Sun Pictures and 48 Hour Film Jam 2017. 


Roberts broad skill set stems from over a decade of music industry experience including music production, performance, event management and mastering as well as experimentation with digital media, graphic design, film production, visual art performance, programming and electronics. 


Robert’s pursuit to constantly redefine the experience of music and art has seen him work collaboratively with countless artists in a professional capacity as well as provide mentorships and tutoring across Australia. Robert completed a Diploma of Music Industry at SAE Institute Adelaide in 2013 and has been a lecturer specializing in Electronic Music Production since 2016.


Robert is currently exploring spatial sound and interactive AV technology incorporating elements of metaphysics, psychology, spiritual healing, psychoacoustics, sound design, visual art and graphical programming languages. His artistic output can be described as detailed, thought-provoking and captivating.


All mastering begins with a consultation about the end product and final medium plus mix advice before any payment is made. During this process, we will decide whether stem mixing & mastering or a stereo master is to be performed. With each master, you will gain new insight into your productions and how to achieve your desired sound. This enables me to provide a better result with every production we work on together.



Get the most out of your music and have your message delivered with the utmost precision. Specialising in club/rave music, I'll make sure your track bangs! While providing you with invaluable mix advice to help you reach your goals.

Email me about your project now: groovmekanik@gmail.com