Above The Clouds on MonotremeADL

Above The Clouds is my latest release on the label I co-founded, MonotremeADL. It's a story about letting go and enjoying the ride. To accompany the music I made a quick music video and also wrote a short piece describing the music's progression...


Above The Clouds is a journey through the skies, instantly catapulting the listener into high altitudes. Intense rhythms represent the turbulence of an aircraft ascending through the clouds.

A brief break in cloud density is reached, but only to be thrown back into turbulence with some uncertainty.


As uncertainty subsides and we come to terms with the surroundings, a welcomed break in the clouds is finally reached. Like an upward free fall of bliss, time stands still. The moment is ceased with an inward exploration of the experience before returning to the clouds with utter determination.


With pure intent and drive, the aircraft weaves acrobatically and pushes the very limits of its ability. It's this moment that we long for, controlled chaos. The aircraft dances around the sky one last time before returning home to refuel, only to do it all over again.


breath deep, move fast, enjoy the ride.



The video was made using Synesthesia & CoGeVJ, with control data being sent from Ableton Live and MaxMSP, then edited in Final Cut Pro.

The track is available for purchase in all the usual places but the best place to purchase is of course Bandcamp.