M4L Dynamic EQ

Ive been absolutely smashing MaxMSP! This is the first freebie in a series of new devices I'll be releasing to the public. 

Dynamic EQ is one of my favourite things ever. Ive been using them in mastering for a good 12 months now and it has immensely improved my output. It started off that I wanted a dynamic mid/side EQ to reduce the gain of certain frequencies in the sides when they get too loud or the signal gets too out of phase, effectively bringing focus back to the mids and correcting poor phase correlation in a way that provides maximum width. Once I found what I was after (Sonnox Dynamic EQ to the rescue..) I began using dynamic EQ  whole lot more. 

People think that its not much different to multiband compression.. but it is. It doesn't split anything into bands and it only works when it has too. You can get very fine and detailed with it and it still sounds natural. Its now become a go to tool during my music production for those odd times that things don't quite sit right.

In the picture displayed on Gumroad I used it on a drum buss to take out some of the mids after a solid dose of distortion (from my Dvolve Drumatix device, coming soon...) but in a way that it still retained maximum punch yet removed just enough to allow my mid heavy synths to still have forefront. This device is perfect for de-essing (something that isn't available in natively in Ableton), tightening up woofy drum sounds (by removing the sustained resonant signals in the mids and low mids) or when using resonant filters on synth leads and theres that one note or part that just jumps out too far you can use this to pull it back in (normally around 1khz).

I will do a video for this device and explain more about dynamic EQ soon... but in the meantime you can grab this device for FREE and see where you can find a use for it. Enjoy :D