Music · 10. July 2019
Got some fresh mixes up on Soundcloud. Check em out!
Max For Live · 05. February 2019
I've finally got some new Max devices for Ableton Live up on my Gumroad and
Projects · 30. November 2018
It was a great pleasure working on this project with Glen J Films. (I mixed the audio for cinema in both stereo and 5.1 surround, including dialogue repair). It features loads of fantastic music from some very talented Adelaide artists, great cinematography, nice story and is plenty of fun. Go check it out!
Max For Live · 15. October 2018
Dynamic EQ's are one of the most useful tools you can have in your audio toolkit. They apply gain reduction to a filter only when required unlike a normal static EQ. This max for live device brings dynamic EQ to your Ableton live projects to help you; De-ess vocals, tighten up drums, keep sweeping filters in check & more.
Tutorials · 14. October 2018
Ive started a video series! They are 10 min videos demonstrating some tips & tricks I like to use for producing Techno using Ableton Live, created for the Techno Production subreddit.
Music · 01. August 2018
I created a music video for my recent track on MonotremeADL. Check it out on my Youtube Channel...
Music · 01. August 2018
UPDATE + I have uploaded a few of my previous live performances to my Soundcloud. Check em out!
Ableton Racks · 13. May 2018
An Ableton Audio Effect Rack inspired by a Sherman Filter Bank. Dirty, fun & unique, great on percussive sounds
Max For Live · 15. April 2018
Uber simple Max For Live Device inspired by modular synthesis.
DIY Synth · 25. March 2018
The Korg Volca Beats is such an underrated device... add individual outs and a mixer, you've got a beast!