Techno Tricks w/ Groov Mekanik

So I found this subreddit right... It had heaps of active users and was all about Techno production. I thought, great! I know exactly how I can help these peeps and hopefully lots of others and create some great content for my youtube channel. Techno Tricks w/ Groov Mekanik was born!

The idea is that these videos are aimed at people that have been producing for a little while and know their way around Ableton. My goal is to demonstrate some unique sound design tricks in the hope that it inspires people to explore new ways to create, mix and play techno. I didn't want them to be like every other youtube tutorial 'get that xxxxx sound', these are all original techniques, explained simply, so people can create their own sound. Hopefully it also includes some of the technical knowledge that can be difficult to find on the interwebs. 

I will do at least 4 more videos for this series and it will be a track from start to finish, I haven't yet decided whether i will give the project files away for free, maybe just the track itself. Anyway theres been lots covered and lots more to come so check em out and hit SUBSCRIBE!

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